GTL21 | 22


Fast target acquisition – even under low
light conditions and during more complex
operations – is a necessity for survival in
Special Operations. With the GLOCK Tactical Light 21/22
we offer the solution for those users who cannot afford compromise.
The Red Laser (class 3R) is inserted into a shockproof and waterproof polymer housing and has convincingly outstanding operational safety. Simple and accurate adjustability in both axes guarantees precise targeting. Software-controlled temperature monitoring of the laser diodes permits operation in various temperature ranges. Paired with the proven GLOCK Xenon technology, you get a superior tactical light module that no police or military special unit should be without.

GTL 22 – Touch Dimmer Switch
While the otherwise identically constructed GTL 21 possesses a Touch Detent Switch (MCS) where the selected lighting function firmly engages, the GTL 22 offers an enhanced switch function. In addition to the standard on/off mode, the user can adjust the intensity of the Xenon light. It is perfect for noise-sensitive situations, since the activation of the switch is inaudible.