Get your desired Trigger Pull by using an optional GLOCK connector without detrimentally changing the „Safe Action“ trigger characteristic..

~ 2.0 kg / 4.5 lb. The 2,0 kg / 4.5 lb. connector marked with a small (-) has a softer Trigger Pull compared with the standard options and is particularly popular among sport shooters. Standard with GLOCK 34 and 35.
~ 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb. Most GLOCK pistols are fitted at the factory with 2,5 kg / 5.5 lb Trigger Pull. In this way the trigger characteristics are optimally matched to the needs of most users with a defined point of depression.
~ 3.5 kg / 8.0 lb. The 3,5 kg / 8.0 lb connector is marked with a (+). This is the spring for users appreciating hard "dry" trigger action. It is also characterized by a clearly sensible point of depression.