The user has always been able to read important parameters off his GLOCK pistol at a glance.
Trigger forward = safety activated.
Trigger pulled = safety deactivated.
The pistol also shows the user whether a cartridge is in the barrel or not. The extractor also serve as a loaded chamber indicator on all GLOCK pistols and this entirely without additional components. Visual and palpable extractor edge.
Figure top = unloaded.
Figure bottom = loaded

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Safety Warning:
Under all circumstances the pistol must be treated as if it is loaded - please note our Safety Rules. GLOCK users must not rely only upon a protruding extractor to confirm that a round is in the chamber. In addition, GLOCK users must not rely only upon the fact that the extractor is not protruding from the slide to confirm an empty chamber to the exclusion of manually checking the chamber. The surest method to the absence of a round in the chamber is to visually and manually check the chamber of the pistol by pulling and locking the slide to the rear as indicated in the Instructions for Use Manual provided with every GLOCK pistol sold.